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Updating Data/Record
Businesses, these days, deal with a lot of data – employee records, market trends, customer feedback..
Data Analytics
Big Data, the new big thing in the e-commerce industry, is a collection of all types of data from va..
Data Mapping
You can make use of the extensive data mapping services offered at OnePerHour to collaborate and cat..
Database/Data Migration
Data migration will no longer be a challenging task with expert services offered by OnePerHour. Our ..
Document Archiving
One of the most important assets of any business organization is data, in raw or processed form. By ..
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Document Management
Small or big, all organizations have to create, record and maintain all types of documents. Some com..
Library Archiving
Sometimes data may lose its value after a period of time due to the changes in market trends or any ..
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Report Generation
Reports are not just important for presentations during the yearly meeting or monthly review meeting..
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