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Payment Gateway Integration
No e-commerce website is complete without a payment gateway. It is the most important aspect of the ..
Custom CSS Scripting
You can change the presentation of your webpage by customizing the Cascading Style Sheet or CSS lang..
Custom Javascripts
At OnePerHour, we offer custom Javascript programming services. Our team of skilled programmers will..
Website Security Updates
With hackers on the rise and numerous security related problems, it is always important to ensure yo..
Website Compliance Testing
There are many features and specifications that determine the standard of a website. Website complia..
PHP Application Programming
OnePerHour has a panel of software programmers to offer quick and reliable PHP application programmi..
PHP Web Application Programming
PHP or hypertext processor is a popular scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. This co..
CGI & Perl Scripting
Common Gateway Interface or CGI is generally used to create dynamic web pages and applications. Perl..
Website Usability Testing
Do you want an experienced and dedicated team to test your website’s usability? OnePerHour offers af..
Ajax/jQuery Programming
We have a team of competent software programmers at OnePerHour to meet all your Ajax or jQuery progr..