Project Delivery :

We provide project tracking interface to customers and business for all IT services. This provides the team with the agreed service targets and the required management information to ensure that those targets have been met. Where targets are breached, the management will provide feedback on the cause of the breach and details of the actions taken to prevent the breach from recurring. Thus "One Per Hour" provides a reliable communication channel, trusted platform and timely delivery to build relationship with the appropriate customers and business representatives.

Quality of Service :

Our goal is to ensure that an agreed level of IT service is provided for all current IT services, and that future services are delivered to agreed achievable targets. Proactive measures are also taken to seek and implement improvements to the level of service delivered. This activity should encompass both the use of existing services and the potential future requirements for new or changed services.

We ensure that the quality of service delivered is matched to those expectations and needs of the business and customers. In order to do this effectively, we establish and maintain SLAs for all services exceeding 30 man-hours and manage the level of service provided to meet the targets and quality measurements contained within the SLAs.