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At OnePerHour, we have a team of experts to help you convert your product or service catalogs into PDF files. Displaying your products in a PDF file is not only convenient, but also gives a professional look to your catalog. Our stringent quality controllers ensure that the quality of the file meets industry standards. We will also ensure that the images are of very high clarity and resolution, and there is no loss of data during the conversion. Outsource all your catalog to PDF conversion services to us for quick turnarounds at reduced rates.

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Quality Policy
  • What is your Turn Around Time (TAT)?

    One of the benefits that we offer our customers is our quick TAT. Outsource to and get the advantage of your services being delivered ahead of schedule. We also provide expedited service if required. The typical Turn Around Time for projects less than 30 man-hours is 72 hours. Turn Around Time for projects exceeding 30 man-hours will be calculated and updated to the client during the project estimation process.

  • How can I monitor the progress of my project?

    At OnePerHour, one of the ways we keep things organized and running efficiently is by using Basecamp. Basecamp is an online project management system that makes it possible for business’ to coordinate all their projects in one place. Not only can our team interact through Basecamp but so can our clients. By giving them access to the program they can see what’s happening with their project in real time and share their ideas. We find this keeps our customers “in the loop” and more satisfied with the completed project. Through Basecamp all communications are streamlined between Account Managers, Creative Team, Management and the Client.

  • How can I be assured of high quality in my project?

    We have a specially designed workflow along with highly qualified QA professionals whose aim is to deliver only premium quality services. You can test and verify the quality of our work throughout the course of the project.

Payment Methods
  • What modes of payment do you accept?

    You can pay OnePerHour through all major debit cards and credit cards via PayPal and 2Checkout. We also accept local and international bank transfers. Our bank details will be provided to you once you submit your order.

  • What currency do I pay in when I checkout?

    You have the option to view this site in either USD, EUR or GBP currency. However, for EUR and GBP, these are only estimates. When you checkout, the order amount will be in USD. PayPal /2Checkout will convert the rates from USD to your local currency before you make the payment.

  • Can I use PayByCheck option to make the payment?

    If you choose "PayByCheck" option during checkout, you can send us a check by mail, the order will be processed after the check clears. Please make sure that you mention the invoice number on your check. For Non-US customers we accept International Money Order or Foreign Draft (drawn on U.S. banks only). Your check or money order should be made payable to : Global Contacts, Inc.

Money Back Policy
  • What is your Money Back Policy?

    Refunds can only be processed for the un-processed phase of the work. All projects are split into multiple phases, each distinct and each with it's own goals. We do not offer refund for a project or a phase of project which has already been delivered and approved by the client. Full money back can only be processed for projects that are not initialized or started.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the work?

    We always deliver projects on time and to the best possible client satisfaction. If at all the client is not satisfied with the work, we will redo the work at no additional cost to achieve desired output.

Handling Projects
  • Where are my projects handled?

    Projects are currently processed in India. All projects will be accessible only by employees directly associated or affiliated with Global Contacts, Inc.

  • How safe are my files and my project's data?

    Yes 100%. We take data security very seriously. Your data and information is safe with us. We have controls and policies in place to ensure that:

    • Confidentiality of client information is assured.

    • Unauthorized use of client data is prevented in all situations.

    These policies are implemented using a combination of:

    Software security features (Firewall & Antivirus security under Windows workstations and Updated Software Application security), File Server security, policies and procedures in place (segregation of duties, confidentiality agreements, reference checking on staff etc).

    These ensure that access to client data is provided to staff only on a need-to-know basis, and there is no opportunity to disclose or misuse client data.

  • What is all about? is a pioneer in outsourcing, and focused on providing technology-driven outsourcing solutions all over the world. You can be assured of risk-free outsourcing. Several global customers have chosen to partner with us because apart from providing services, we strive to meet the business targets of our customers.

  • Why is your pricing so competitive?

    All projects are handled directly by our offshore team located in India. We ensure that projects are not outsourced further to any other firms and which in turn helps us to cut down cost and offer the best possible pricing to our clients.

  • Does outsourcing affect the economy?

    In theory, outsourcing jobs means the goods produced by those jobs become cheaper and the people who were doing those jobs can now move on to do more valuable work.

    Outsourcing increases the competitiveness of American businesses by lowering per-unit costs of production. Company X is probably less likely to go bankrupt if they offshore jobs to Asian countries with lower labor costs, because their products will be cheaper to buy. If I work in marketing, accounting or engineering departments at Company X, I am better off if they offshore the manufacturing, because my job is ultimately safer--since the company is less likely to go out of business.

    American companies tend to offshore jobs that add lower amounts of value to the product that is being produced. American companies tend to keep jobs at home that add lots of value. When an iPod is built in China, only a tiny portion of the wages go to Chinese factory workers. Most of it flows to American engineers that design the product and American workers that quality test them, do the marketing for Apple, etc. This is true for many products that are actually manufactured in Asia but have their roots in American research, design, engineering, marketing and distribution services.